March 26, 2020

Angel Story: Finding Comfort After a Difficult Year of Loss

Losing a loved one is always difficult to come to peace with. When we lose multiple people in a short time period, the grief can become overwhelming. Asking for signs and receiving them from our loved ones can bring great peace and closure to us. 


Today’s beautiful Angel stories come from Cheryl, who lost her mother daughter. She has also gone through a Spiritual Awakening, and always been extremely intuitive. She has continued connecting with her mother and daughter from the Other Side. Cheryl shares several experiences that she has had in which her mother and daughter show her powerful signs. 


Stay turned for the end of my conversation with Cheryl, as I include an update from Cheryl a few days after her reading. The relationship that we develop with those on the Other Side is far different from the relationships we can have here on Earth. While we can’t go grab their hand, or give them a hug, it is the next best thing. Continuing this connection is important not only for us, but for those that have passed as well. 



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